“Happy artists make fans happy.”

At BELIFT LAB, we consider it our mission to provide fans with the best possible experience and contribute to innovation in the music industry, building on the foundation of a healthy relationship with our artists. Moreover, we believe that by expanding artist IP beyond the limits of our imagination, we will become a new paradigm for K-POP and ultimately redefine entertainment entirely. BELIFT LAB’s vision includes happy artists and staff members fully committed to our mission. The infinitely expandable IP we create together will provide fans and the music industry with value beyond music.

BELIFT LAB is a startup label made up of not only experts in the entertainment industry but also, top talent in media, branding, education, IT and more, eyes set on innovation for the sustainable future of K-POP.

We are looking for passionate people who keenly observe the industry from a new perspective and explore the best possible path for the label, enabling BELIFT LAB to ultimately create music content and IP-based business that can captivate the hearts of fans all over the world.

BELIFT LAB is rapidly growing and always hiring!

We are looking to recruit talent befitting BELIFT LAB for all areas including business, marketing, branding and production. We eagerly await your application through our recruitment webpage.